Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Hours & Contact

What are your store opening hours, and what is the Open Door on Friday?
We are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. Repairs are by appointment only.

Every Friday from 12pm to 6pm, our door is open for everyone who is interested in the shop. This is a chance to stop by, get to know us and the shop, test ride a bike, see what we have and browse our shelves, make an appointment or just have a drink from our famous vending machine.

Can you be reached via phone?
No, the only way to get in contact with us is via mail:

Do you offer service and consultation in English?
Yes, we are a mixed team of native German and native English speakers, we're happy to speak your language.


How much does a service at Guten Biken cost?

The Appointment is a chance for us to check the condition of your bike, the service needed and together with the choice of parts, we will show you the costs. We charge €70 per hour, to work on your bike.

Do you sell and offer service for e-Bikes?

We only sell cargo e-Bikes from the brands Omnium and muli and only offer service for those bikes, which were purchased through us.

Custom Bikes

What information do you need from me for a custom consultation?
1. Height and inseam length
2. Intended purpose for the bike
3. Approximate budget
4. Contact details

How much do custom bikes cost?
The price of a custom build depends on the selected components from the frameset, transmission, to the wheel set etc. As a general rule of thumb, our custom-builds start at around €3500.

Do you build wheels?
Yes, we hand build wheels and wheel sets to your wishes in our store.

We charge €70 per wheel build, plus the hub, spokes and rim. We offer a wide range of parts and prefer those being purchased from us to ensure quality and compatibility. If you have a special parts, which you like included in the build, just contact us.

Is it possible to get a custom bike via bike leasing, e.g. Jobrad or Deutsche Dienstrad?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to build you a custom bike as part of a leasing service.

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