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Allygn - Diamond Rack

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This front rack was brewed and born right in the Fern Bicycles workshop in Berlin. Over the past years they handbuilt numerous and kept on improving this unique design. 

Featuring the famous 3D bend diamond design, it is the perfect front rack for all those searching for a smaller rack which fits perfectly on a fast randonneur, gravel or race bike. This rack makes your bike look even faster than without one!

The Diamond rack allows you to carry a handlebar bag, a sleeping bag or a sixer... what ever it takes to improve your bikepacking or randonneuring adventure.

Comes with fully adjustable 400mm stays for fork lowrider eyelet or canti stud mounting. M5 Bolts for M5 fork crown mounts are also included!

Dedicated light mount to fit most lights on the market. Clean light cable routing with custom designed zip tie guides.

Put that thing on you bike, pack your stuff and you are ready for your next big adventure! 


Type Diamond Front Rack
Weight Platform only 240g. Platform with all hardware including J-Light-Adapter and uncut stays ca. 370gr
Size Rack size complete 215mm length, 205mm width. Useable platform area 155 x 205mm. Stay length ca. 280mm
Load Capacity Many people ask how much load the rack can carry, and it can carry a lot. We have been testing it with up to 70kgs. But usually the fork mounting points / eyelets are the weakest link in the chain. Especially on carbon forks, you should be very careful not to overload or over torque the mounting points. ALWAYS check back with the maker of the fork how much weight it can carry! Also, for bike handling reasons, we usually recommend using our racks for a maximum load of around 5-8 kgs.
Light Mount Overhead direct M6 light mount, J-Light-Adapter for upright mounted headlights
Cable Routing Custom designed zip tie cable guides for dedicated light cable routing
Finish Matte black powder coating
Country of manufacture Taiwan