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Allygn - Grill Rack

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The Grill Rack is the slightly more off road version of Allygn's rack designs. The Grill is still very compact, but features a little more loading capacity than the more racy Diamond Front Rack. Made from high end 25CrMo4 super thin wall tubing (0.8mm), for a lightweight but yet still very robust and sturdy rack.

The Grill Rack allows you to carry a handlebar bag, a sleeping bag or a sixer... what ever it takes to improve your bikepacking or randonneuring adventure.

Comes with fully adjustable 415mm stays for fork low rider eyelet or canti stud mounting. M5 Bolts for M5 fork crown mounts are now included!

Dedicated light mount to fit most lights on the market. Clean light cable routing with custom designed zip tie guides. Put that thing on you bike, pack your stuff and you are ready for your next big adventure!