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Guten Biken

MKS - XC-III Beartrap Pedal Purple

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Only 20 purple pair available in Germany! be quick. 

The Japanese pedal company MKS, who have been in business for 70 years, came out with a new pedal.

Everybody's favourite MTB flat pedal from the late Suntour XC-Ⅱ a.k.a. the "Bear Trap" is back! And even better!

With kindness and TONS help from MKS pedals, Blue Lug Japan were finally able to make this happen.

We traced the original blueprint but added a little spice for the modern design.

No matter what kind of shoes you wear, you'll always get a nice grip.

Once you step on this pedal, you cannot go back to the others.

Excellent for OG MTB, BMX. Also great for track bikes and commuters.

This is the limited color edition for MKS day!