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Paul Component - Klamper Disc Brake - Flat Mount

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Cable Pull

Paul Component Klamper - Mechanical Disc Brake

Detailed mechanical disc brake caliper CNC machined 6061 aluminum with long lever travel for V-Brake / Linear-Pull brake lever. The pad feed is, similar to the competing systems, with the help of balls on a ramp. At Paul Component, however, these ball are larger to achieve a smoother operation with more pad travel. Also, the steel ball ramps are extra hardened and three steel pins keep the piston on track.

Instead of conventional plastic thrust washers, a flat needle roller bearing is used between the pad retainer and the piston. The independently operated pad adjusters have spring ball detents and can be adjusted without tools. The CNC-machined two-piece caliper body made of 6061 aluminum was carefully stiffened and reinforced only where necessary. As a finish it receives a high quality anodizing.
Paul Component Klamper is available for road brake levers (short-pull) and V-/Linear Pull brake levers (long-pull). This is regulated by the length of the brake cable arm, which is simply replaced for this purpose and is also available separately.

Short Pull: This version is designed to work with road levers, including SRAM, Shimano and combined shifter/brake levers. It also works great with the Canti Lever, our short-pull flat bar brake lever.

Long Pull: This version is designed to work with long-pull brake levers, such as the kind that work with V or linear-pull brakes. Our Love Levers work especially well with this model. It also works well with long-pull drop bar levers, such as the Cane Creek Drop V.

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