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Rune Bicycles - Hilt Bar

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Rune's Hilt handlebar was designed with serious comfort in mind for those long days in the saddle. It has all the modern advantages while still keeping that classic drop bar look. A minimal 10-degree slope on the ramps means your hands sit well-rested in a nice upright position, and you still have the drops for when you want to get after it on a ripping descent.

Constructed from A7050-T76 aluminum
Clamp diameter - 26.0
Widths (at the ramps) - 480mm | 500mm | 520mm
Widths (at the ends) - 595mm | 615mm | 635mm
Reach - 95mm
Drop - 125mm
Flare - 23 degrees
Back sweep - 10 degrees
Up sweep - 1.5 degrees