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Sim Works - The Homage

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The ‘HOMAGE’ name came to our minds spontaneously but nostalgically while first talking about a collaboration project with Panaracer several years ago.  We grew up alongside the progression of mountain bikes, and we intently looked back at its history and what we liked most about those early days.  We're reluctant to get our arms around this concept of ‘out of date’.

Simworks believes that ATB bicycle tires need to combine capable tread patterns, comfortable riding characteristics, and efficiency balanced alongside durability. Perhaps most importantly, we want to offer a wanderer tire that you don't have to question its surefooted nature in the widest range of conditions. 

Perhaps someday whoever has set upon their great journey will pay their own Homage to the attention we paid in furthering this great tire, and the cycle will repeat itself yet again.  We're here to give the riders the equipment they desire and need, but we've stood on the shoulders of giants and visionaries along our way. 

Wheel Size: 26"
Tire Width: 1.95"
Weight: 550g

Wheel Size: 650b
Tire Width: 1.95"
Weight: 625g

Wheel Size: 700c
Tire Width: 43c
Weight: 530g